car turntable rotating stage


To discuss how We Can Help with your automobile turntable or rotating stage needs:

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Rental day / weekly rate options

Long-term lease options available

Motion Control Equipment & Operators in-house

Designers & Fabricators in-house









Rotating Stage

Rotating Platform

For this shot the rotating platform spun NBA Basketball players. this platform, also known as a rotating stage, is also great for concerts and shows.


Size is no problem. We have several rotating stage tops, from 8 feet square to 20 feet round.

Rotating Stage specifications:

100% repeatable turntable

Completely programmable turntable

Multi-directional turntable

Variable speeds turntable

Delays available between movements





Platform options (able to change in minutes):

  • 16' Octagon
  • 16' x 8' Rectangle
  • 8' Square
  • 20' Round
  • 12' Round

Weighs 3,000 lbs.

Total set-up time less than 1 hour


Adaptable to the Kuper System

Height is also adjustable


We have designers and fabricators available to work with you to create any type of platform or skirt you need. Large Turntables for use in/as:
  1. Car turntable / auto turntable for commercials, film or television for Special Effects SPFX, Visual Effects VFX or Mechanical Effects
  2. Large rotating stage or floor for theatrical use, television sets, concerts, live events, and award shows
  3. Large turntable for exhibits and trade shows
  4. Large 100% precise rotating programmable platform or floor for industrial plants, museums, casinos and amusement parks
  5. Rotating car turntable for residential driveways or garages