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Rotating Floors

Rotating and revolving floors are becoming more popular in theaters, museums, night clubs, concert halls and even in residential homes.

This rotating floor was constructed in a residential home. The rotating floor was preprogrammed to make a continuous slow 360 rotation for the residents to admire the views. Once the turntable frame, motor and drive system were installed (as shown in picture) we covered the frame with a durable platform top. The design team then covered the platform top with marble, plush carpeting and couches. The control system was installed into the wall.

All of this was completed in less than 8 weeks by working closely with the construction crew. Everything was custom built per the job requirements.


Rotating Floor specifications:

100% repeatable rotating floors

Completely programmable rotating floors

Able to program movements with light effects or music

Multi-directional rotating floors

Variable speed rotating floors

Delays available between movements

Stable, durable, rotating floor top

Smooth, steady motion

Reliable and long-lasting

Platform options (any size - custom built)



We have designers and fabricators available to work with you to create any type of platform or height necessary. Rotating and revolving floors for use in/as:
  1. Large rotating stage or floor for theatrical use, television sets, concerts, live events, and award shows
  2. Large portable turntables and revolving floors for exhibits and trade shows
  3. Large 100% precise rotating programmable platform or floor for industrial plants, museums, casinos and amusement parks
  4. Rotating car turntable for residential driveways or garages
  5. Rotating floors for commercial and residential homes: living rooms, dining rooms and bedroom areas