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Product Turntable

Rotating Display

Visual FX Model Mover

This small turntable is not like other turntables on the market. It is more steady, smooth and precise than any other turntable in the film and entertainment industry. This turntable was built with macro photography in mind.

This product turntable will save you time, money and is hassle free!

Feel free to place any exhibit type facia around the mechanical components.

Multiple platform options available.

Custom platform options also available.


Rotating Signs

The same mechanical components can be used in a variety of ways, such as rotating signs. We have a team available to work with you on whatever you need to spin.


Product Turntable specifications:

100% repeatable




Motion controllable

Holds up to 800 lbs.

Multiple platform options

  • including model mover mount

Total set-up time is mere minutes

Can be used at 90 degree angel for wheel spin rig