hidden car turntable


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Hidden Under Car Turntable

This car turntable sits up under the car. The wheels sit on platforms about 5 inches off of the ground. This turntable is mobile. It is easily moved from place to place.


This turntable can hold from small cars to large SUV vehicles.


It is perfect for tradeshows and green screen film work.


This car turntable is perfect for casinos, museums and malls. We offer long-term leases, rentals and manufacturing.


Like all of our car turntables you can customize the size, motion and control system. We also offer car turntable sensors and remote control.


All American custom built for your specific need!

Hidden Car Turntable specifications:

Height: less than one foot tall

Live Action Controls / 100% repeatable turntable

Multi-directional car turntable

Variable speed car turntable

Delays available between movements





Total set-up time less than 1 hour


Adaptable to the Kuper System


Live Action Turntable Controls


Custom Car Turntable Fabriction

We have car turntable designers and fabricators available to work with you to create any type of platform or skirt you need. Large Turntables for use in/as:

  1. Car turntable / auto turntable for commercials, film or television for Special Effects SPFX, Visual Effects VFX or Mechanical Effects

  2. Large rotating stage or floor for theatrical use, television sets, concerts, live events, and award shows

  3. Large turntable for exhibits and trade shows

  4. Large 100% precise rotating programmable platform or floor for industrial plants, museums, casinos and amusement parks

  5. Rotating car turntable for residential driveways or garages