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Superior Car Turntables and Rotating Displays

At Precision Turntable Services we have engineered the first and only precise, mobile, programmable car turntables, rotating stages, product turntables, rotating displays and revolving floors.

All of our car turntables, rotating displays and rotating floors are:


Car Turntables and Roating Displays: Smart and Versatile Design

All car turntables are designed with speed, flexibility and cost in mind:

With our car turntables, product turntables, rotating stages and displays you will never need an extra pre-light or wrap day. You can put your product on them and start lighting and shooting quickly and efficiently.

You will find our car turntables were designed to get the perfect shot while saving you money!


We have Precision Turntables available for:

1. Car turntables for film: commercials, television, features for Special Effects SPFX, Mechanical Effects, Visual FX

2. Rotating Product Displays and Vehicle or Car Display Turntables for trade show, exhibit, retail display

3. Rotating Stages for concerts, live events or award shows, television show or sets

4. Rotating Automobile Turntable and Small Turntables for industrial use

5. Rotating Car Turntables for residential driveways or garages

6. Large Rotating Stages for museums and amusement parks

7. Portable Car Turntables for photograph and interactive media needs

8. New compact portable Car Turntables for Casinos and Car Dealerships

9. Fabricator on-site to build any rotating apparatus you need


Precision Turntables has a variety of turntables available:

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All turntable products and components are made in the U.S.A.